Mettlach Planter Pot

A fantastic Art Nouveau ceramic planter pot from Mettlach in Germany, featuring incised wavy deco design with checkerboard motif at top. Blue and tan/yellow coloration on off white glaze. We have seen this colorway and similar pattern on other pieces such as vases, plates and dinnerware - but have not encountered a planter pot before, and do not know the rarity. Marked on the bottom with Mettlach Villeroy Boch stamp, numbers 2908 III and 29, 07. From the number "07", we believe this piece dates to 1907 but we are not experts in the date coding for Mettlach.

In good vintage condition with no chips, cracks or damage. There is a curious vertical seam line running on 4 sides of the pot - we aren't familiar with why that would be there, but it's under the glaze. There are some irregularities, drips and misses to the glaze. Some dirt and a few brown spots. A few light scuffs to the rim. Some light scuffing on the base of pot. Overall in very good shape for its age.

Measures about 7 3/4 inches tall, 9 1/4 inches wide at top.