Millard Sheets Tamazunchale Lithograph

Fantastic, modern color lithograph of the village of Tamazunchale, Mexico by the legendary Pomona, California artist Millard Sheets (1907-89). He was a pioneer in the California Style watercolor movement and also excelled in printmaking. He also taught at many different colleges and institutes, including Chouinard, Otis and Scripps. He's perhaps most well-known for creating the iconic mosaics for Home Savings of America bank branches across Southern California - many of which are still viewable today. We've driven by many of them - if you grew up in SoCal you're certain to have encountered his work.

This particular print is entitled "Tamazunchale" and features a wonderful depiction of the native village of Tamazunchale in the state of San Luis Potosi in central Mexico. Lush green forest on the banks of a river, with native huts and people. Per Wikipedia, this town was originally part of Huastec Indian territory, later conquered by the Aztects. Tourists stop in the town on the way to Mexico City, and Sheets was known to have stayed there (interestingly, tourists refer to the town as "Thomas-and-Charley").

Sheets' paintings and prints are in museums around the world. Great looking subject matter - would look nice in a modern tiki or Californian setting. Unknown when this edition run was printed, but believed to be 1960s-70s. Signature is at bottom right in pencil. Title is actually written as "Tomazunchale" on the bottom left. Print is matted in a painted wood and plastic frame.

In good vintage condition, print seems to be in excellent shape. There is one area at top center and bottom center where there is a bit of paper roughness - like it was attached to something. The print may have shifted a bit as the right side margin does not exist (we did not remove the print from the frame). Frame edges shows some wear and scuffing, a bit of separatation on the corners. Glass has some dirt and fogginess here and there, some on interior. Back is cardboard, brown paper backing is torn and has come off.

Frame measures about 33 1/4 inches wide, 20 inches tall. Image size is about 26 1/2 inches by 12 1/2 inches. This is a very long piece, so will either have to be picked up or shipped in a very large box.