Nino Parrucca Vase

A wonderful hand-decorated bottle vase from Nino Parrucca. Bright orange, red, yellow, blue and green colors in a scene depicting a peasant picking fruit from a tree. We aren't as familiar with the Parrucca works, but we know that the company still exists and is producing ceramics to this day.

To our knowledge, Parrucca began producing these types of ceramic items in the 1960s in Palermo, Sicily. We're uncertain whether or not he was the one who decorated this one, because the items were known to have been decorated by both him and his family at their workshop.

Fully marked on both the side with "Nino Parrucca" and on the bottom with "Made in Italy 702".

In excellent vintage condition with no damage. There is some crazing, which is more visible at the top of the vase in the white area.

Vase measures about 6.25" tall, 2" wide at the mouth and 3.25" in diameter at the widest point.