Raul Coronel Treasure Craft Vase

A fabulous, difficult to find Raul Angulo Coronel queen face vase in yellow, produced by Treasure Craft in the 1970s. Heavy yellow glaze on a bottle form with modernist figural decoration. These bottle vases are an uncommon line that was only produced for a short time, they came in a few different colors (orange, yellow and red) and we've seen 2 different faces. They're sometimes referred to king and queen chess pieces, but the Treasure Craft book notes them as "Sun God" face vases. On that note: while it's documented these are Coronel's designs there's some question as to whether they were used without his permission by Treasure Craft. Marked on the reverse side near bottom with "USA Treasure Craft".

In good vintage condition with no cracks or damage. There is a small glaze pop bubble area on the top rim of vase (see 3rd photo), 3 small glaze flakes off the bottom rim at back near T/C/ logo (see last photo). Also a few small glaze flakes off the bottom rim at the front (not that visible and believe at least some related to glaze pulloff). Moderate crazing throughout the piece.

Measures about 9 1/2" tall, 4 1/2" wide at base, 2" wide at top.