Raymor Bitossi Vase

Wonderful marked Raymor Bitossi vase or jar with blue and olive green combination glaze. This seems to be an unusual shape and color treatment, very different from the more famous Rimini Blu by Aldo Londi. However, the rough texturing of this vase is very similar to other Raymor Bitossi pieces we've seen.

Bottom of vase is fully marked with both an ink marking reading "6023B Italy" and the Raymor BIT sticker reading "Modern in the Tradition of Good Taste - Raymor - 7516 / BIT". Interestingly, it has a double sticker - the other one reads "Return to Raymor to Re-Order".

In good vintage condition, but with quite a bit of crazing in the glaze. There are some chips and fleabites - a 1/8" chip to rim, 1/8" to side and two on the bottom rim of 1/8" and 1/4". Overall, the damage isn't very noticeable because of the rough quality of the vase itself. However, we've discounted the vase appropriately for the wear. Please see the photos for the 2 most noticeable chips.

Vase measures about 7.5" tall with a 2.5" diameter wide mouth and a diameter of 4.75" at widest.