Riihimaki Nanny Still Vase

Great handmade pottery items from Winfield Pottery of Pasadena, including a cup, a small plate or saucer, and a small condiment dish. These are actually hand-signed with "Gabriel Pasadena", which was the trademark adopted by the Winfield company in order to distinguish their wares from the output of the American Ceramic Products company who stepped in to help Winfield produce other dinnerware. The name Gabriel comes from Margaret and Arthur Gabriel, employees of the plant who became the new owners of the company after founder Lesley Sample passed away.

These pieces likely date to the 1950s. Wonderful rustic dark olive green to brown heavy glaze on all the items.

In great condition with no major damage - all pieces have pockmarks, glaze pops and differences in glaze quality due to the hand production.

Cup: Marked "272". Measures about 2.25" tall, 3.75" wide Plate: Marked "Gabriel Pasadena 227". Measures about 5.75" diam. Dish: Marked "Gabriel Pasadena 305". Measures about 3" square.