Rose Wasserstrom Bowl

A beautiful studio stoneware bowl by New York potter Rose Wasserstrom (1922-2015). Per Vasefinder, she studied at the University of Michigan and then at Syracuse, working in ceramics while she was at the Rockland Foundation of Nyack, New York. William Ehrich is credited as one of her ceramic teachers, when she studied at the Rochester Memorial Art Gallery. She is best known for her stoneware, which is wheel thrown and slab built.

This 8 5/8" bowl features light beige to gray inteior mottled glaze with a darker brown crystalline crackle circular portion, exterior is unglazed dark brown stoneware with incised lines around the bowl. The crackle glass is somewhat similar to pieces from Robert Maxwell or Victoria Littlejohn. Believed to be from the 50s-60s, but could be later. Incised on bottom with "Wasserstrom".

In good vintage condition, with no cracks or chips or damage. There is a manufacturing divot on the rim that's glazed over. Some light seams and pops in the unglazed portion of clay.

Measures about 8 5/8" wide, 2 1/4" tall.

PRICE: $150.00