Radio Flask

This is one of the coolest novelty items we've ever seen. It looks like an older portable radio, but it's NOT! It's actually a plastic liquor flask made by the "Royal London" company in Japan in 1969. But it sure fooled us the first time we picked it up.

Flask is mostly plastic construction, with fake knobs, dials, and speaker grille. Your "drink" is poured through the top antenna which has a cap. Back of radio has a battery compartment that stores a funnel and two plastic cups. Amazingly real looking - would be a great conversation item at a party.

Marked on front with "High Fidelity Personal Portable". Marked on back on battery plate with "Jiggers and Funnel c1969 Royal London, LTD Japan".

Measures about 8 1/2" tall, 4 1/4" wide and 2" deep.