Sascha Brastoff Resin Seal

A fabulous, blue resin seal scupture by Sascha Brastoff. It's been said that Brastoff did not actually design or market any of these resin pieces, even though his name is on them. There were a number of different housewares produced in resin, including large candleholders, vases and several animal sculptures. We believe these resin pieces were made sometime from 1965 to 1973. The seals came in several different colors including blue, green and orange. Marked on bottom with "Sascha B".

In good vintage condition with a few minor scuffs and a bit of wear to the bottom of feet. Most of these resin pieces usually did have irregularities. A manufacturing blemish to the nose, and eyes have some residue from being glued in.

Seal measures about 9" long from nose to tail, and 7" tall.