Sowe Swedish Teak Bowl

A wonderful square Scandinavian teak bowl that we believe is fairly rare and highly desirable. The few items we've seen have all been teak wood items. We've had the good fortune to be contacted by the son of the designer who started Sowe-Konst of Sweden. The designer was named Sigvard Nilsson (1931-2007). The company actually produced from 1954 up until Nilsson passed away.

We believe this bowl dates from the 1960s. We were told that this originally did not have a lid, but are still uncertain of the purpose of the item. Perhaps it was a storage box or bowl.

Branded into the wood with the mark "Sowe Sovestad Sweden" along with the word "Konst" hand scratched into the bottom - initially we had thought that was someone marking the bowl with their name, but it turns out that word translates into art or skill in Swedish.

In great condition with very little wear at all to the exterior. Interior and exterior bottom of bowl shows a few scratches.

Bowl measures 8 3/4" square and 4 3/8" tall.