Tammis Keefe Cat Handkerchief

OMG, kittycats galore!

Here's an amazing handkerchief or scarf by renowned designer Tammis Keefe featuring hundreds of different walking cats. We actually weren't sure if it was a handkerchief because it's quite large at 18x19". However, the scarves we've seen from Keefe are usually silk whereas this seems to be cotton. It could probably be used for either purpose.

We haven't seen this exact pattern anywhere, but Tammis Keefe's most popular hankies feature cats and dogs. These cats look more stylized than the other cat hankies we've seen.

The color is a bright red-orange with hundreds of cats in white, black, chartreuse and blue walking back in forth over unravelled balls of yarn. There are also four cats that are just sitting with balls of yarn. A really cool pattern, we almost decided to keep this one for ourselves. Marked on the fabric with the Tammis Keefe signature.

In great vintage condition with no tears or holes that we can see. We think there's a little bit of wear overall in general, perhaps because it was washed once or twice. In any case, it doesn't look brand new, but it seems to be in really great shape.

Handkerchief/scarf measures 18" x 19".