Telechron Alarm Clock

This is a Telechron alarm clock in amazing condition that dates back to 1932-1938. I guess this isn't really mid-century modern design, per se, but it was probably state-of-the-art modern back in its day.

We've done some research on this alarm clock and believe it was called the "Constable". It's a model CF-769. They had another version of this particular clock that was called the "The Sheriff" which actually had luminous numbers. Clock body is plastic in an ivory color (we believe it's Bakelite, but are not 100% sure about that) and clock face is covered by glass.

It's in great shape with a little wear to the plastic and the black liner surrounding the glass that covers the clock face. We've tested it for a few days, and it seems to be fairly accurate in keeping time. The alarm works fine, as well. Cord works well and is about 4 feet long - it's an old GE style plug.

Alarm clock measures 4.5" long, 4" tall and 2.5" wide.