Vernon Salamina Shaker

Rare, desirable pepper shaker from Vernon Kilns. This is the "Salamina" pattern, created by the major American illustrator Rockwell Kent. Kent was hired by Vernon to create various dinnerware patterns. Salamina was actually based directly on Kent's classic book under the same name, which detailed his experiences in Greenland.

The entire line was hand-tinted, and according to the Vernon collector's book, it is the most valuable of all the designs that Kent did for Vernon (we have seen pairs of shakers going for well over $100). I believe it dates to the 1940s or before. The main dinnerware pattern actual features his famous illustration of Salamina (his housekeeper in Greenland), but the shaker features a multicolored landscape pattern. The shaker is designed with Vernon's "Ultra" shape. Top of pepper shaker features holes in the shape of a "P" along with extra holes in a circle around it. Marked on the bottom as "Salamina created by Rockwell Kent Vernon Kilns", though the shaker hole obscures much of the mark.

No cracks or chips and in excellent condition. Bottom cork is missing, but can be easily replaced with one from a hardware store. Would be a good pickup for a collector of Rockwell Kent's Vernon items, especially if you happen to have the salt shaker.

Shaker measures about 2 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide.