Westinghouse Appliance Timer

Great Westinghouse appliance timer plus clock, Catalog number TC-81, probably made circa 1940s. These were used as automatic shutoff timers for things like coffeemakers, fryers and other kitchen items. Solid metal and glass construction, with a great deco / modern look.

Comes with a standard 110/120V cord and plugs into any wall socket. It has an outlet on the back of the timer that you plug your appliance into. Functions normally as a clock - you set the time with the top knob. To use the timer feature, push and turn the right hand knob to set the "Stop" time, and push and turn the left hand knob to set the "Start" time. It has a general range of operation from 15 minutes to over 11.5 hours. Would look great in your mid century style kitchen or office!

In great working condition with all original knobs. The white enamel finish has a bit of staining, but there very little if any damage or chipping anywhere.

Measures about 5 x 4 x 2.5 inches.