Winfield Art Pottery Bowl

Fantastic, large art pottery bowl by Winfield Pottery of Pasadena. This hand-finished studio production bowl has a lovely celadon green and brown glaze, and from the early backstamp probably dates to the 1930s. The Winfield Pottery had a distinguished and somewhat complicated history - started by Leslie Sample in 1929 in northeast Pasadena, but eventually was run by designers Margaret and Arthur C. Gabriel who had worked for Winfield.

Later in the 1940s, American Ceramics Products took over some of the backlog production built up over wartime - these products are marked Winfield but were not actually produced by Winfield. The actual Winfield Pottery output was now labeled "Gabriel". Much of the marked "Winfield" items you see online are actually later productions from ACP.

This art pottery bowl should be distinguished from those mass-produced items, and it is much more difficult to come across. Would be ideal for the serious Winfield or California Pottery collector. Marked on bottom in block letters with "Winfield Pasadena" and a handwritten "350".

In very good vintage condition, with no major damage. There is a small brown dot near the rim of the interior that occurred during manufacturing. A few very light scratches to the interior. Bottom foot has a few chips, though it is difficult to tell which of those might have occurred from firing process. One of the footers also appears to have a large craze line or a hairline crack in the glaze on the interior side - it does not go all the way thru the foot, or appear to affect the stability of the piece at all.

Bowl measures about 12 1/2" wide and is about 2 1/2" tall. Please note, this is a very heavy item at over 4 pounds unboxed, so shipping will be a little higher.