Roselane Dove
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Lovely modern dove by Roselane Pottery in California. Roselane made quite a few different ceramic animals like this that had a more modern look to them – believe they were originally produced in an all white color and mounted on blocks of wood. However, apparently the public wasn’t ready for such modern abstract figures – so the company ended up spray glazing most of them in colors like this one, and also added glued in plastic eyes.

Ceramic dove has a very flat, blade like tail and is spray painted brown on a cream matte background. The colors are very similar to Howard Pierce pieces. In good condition, with a small 1/4″ chip to one side of the foot (see 2nd and 4th photos). We feel that this chip is less of an issue, however, since it’s on the side of the foot that most people would face toward a wall when displayed. Otherwise, the piece is in great shape.

Measures about 8 inches long and 6 inches tall.

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