Roselane Dog
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Cute little boxer dog “Sparkler” figurine made by Roselane Pottery. Roselane was a big producer of housewares and garden ceramics from 1930 to the mid 70s. They had a wide range of different products ranging from art deco to modern and naturalistic items. They produced a large number of these modern looking animals that often had plastic jewel eyes glued in. More information on Roselane Pottery is on Potteries of California.

The little dog features a rough matte texture with airbrushed details in dark brown with blue highlights. These were applied by hand during the manufacturing process. The Sparkler eyes were applied later on after firing. In great condition with very little wear. A few little black marks here and there but overall in great shape.

Dog measures about 3.5 inches tall and 2.25″ at widest.

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