Hi everyone. I've been having some shoulder issues using the computer lately, so will try make this short. I know these finds seem great - but most of them are from the previous downpour of finds from 2 weeks back (you've probably seen most if you follow us on Instagram). I've "come back down to earth" a bit, with more than a few thrift-skunked trips lately.

Found this nice looking Bauer step pot at a small thrift - I like the flower pots and bulb bowls a lot, but they don't go very quickly for us.

These Swedish wooden figurines were intriguing - one of them is marked with Claes Hultberg, which as far as I can tell is a well known older maker of wood frames and figurines like this. I'm not sure if both are by the company but we found them together.

I also came across another Lilleberg bird. This one is actually marked "GVL", which stands for Green Valley Lake, the town they were made in which is actually close to us. A nearby area, Big Bear Lake, was a popular place for us to go fishing in the 1980s. They look a lot like some of the Emil Milan birds. A little after I started to research the first one, this article in the Mountain News of Lake Arrowhead came out which shows some of the birds.

This Copco blue fondue by Michael Lax was not cheap, but I couldn't pass on it because it was in decent shape. I'd say 75% of the Lax Copco I come across is damaged beyond buying at thrifts.

Small Boda Sweden glass flower vase. Glass pieces like this without a name attached don't do that well for us, but it had the sticker so it was hard to resist.

I wasn't sure if this was an Aseda vase, but had some real-time thriftbreak help from Scott of New Documents. Later on, I found it in the Leslie Pina book - it's by Bo Borgstrom.

Unusual blue color on this Cathrineholm plate which was found at a thrift...

... along with this Emalox Norway red bowl. Always a good day when you find more than one at a thrift!

These Flavia / Bitossi cat figurines were a lucky snag at a local flea market. I nearly passed them - couldn't believe there were two of them!

This cool dual-speed Swedish manual egg beater was one of the cooler finds. It's from the Nils Johan company, and believe it or not I found another identical one in yellow, also with original tags. I think I might hang onto that one for a bit. Because hoarding. ;)

Lastly - a wonderful Swedish vase from Gustavsberg in the Lagun line by Sven Jonson. I couldn't believe this was in the junk aisle at a thrift, which I nearly decided to pass by. You could say I'm glad I decided to go!

Happy thrifting!