Hi everyone. Got distracted with house renovations this past month, so playing catchup mostly again with thrifts finds this week. We've had some decent luck at both thrifts and estates, which is nice because it has offset the lethargic sales in the shops and the antique booth.

I came across this tall Riihimaki vase by Tamara Aladin at an estate several blocks away from our house. Slowly getting better with glass - have had the most luck spotting unidentified Scandinavian and Blenko pieces. I'm only thinking how many pieces I've missed over the last 5 years! A lot of times these glass vases that come out of estates have a lot of dirt and grime on them, but are in pretty decent shape underneath. It can be a toss-up to clean, but I'll usually take the chance nowadays if reasonable enough.

At the same estate, I found this nice Japanese studio stoneware vase. I've had to try and cut down on how many of these we get for the shop. At several recent estates, I probably could've bought 15-20 of them. However, without an attached name, they just don't sell as fast or bring in as much profit.

I can't remember, we might've posted this Stromberg Carlson blue phone before. There was talk of actually keeping it, but since we have no landline it was very hard to justify hanging it in the kitchen in non-working order.

I had some luck finding bar carts recently, or maybe it's just never really looked at them before. I had some encouragement from thriftbreakers SabineVintageHome and AsaaanBazaar, so I decided to pick this Cosco one up. I thought the large back wheels were kind of cool. I ended up passing two other bar carts over the past month, as our antique booth and garage are a little bit over-crowded right now.

I hit up a "new to me" Goodwill a few weeks ago and pulled this Dali etching out of the "photoframes" section. It was strange, because all the information is right on the back of the frame. I guess it could be the smaller size where they thought it was just a standard cheap print. Hey, I'm not complaining!

Lastly, we revisit the Cathrinehoard again. Unbelievable, but I found the blue bowl at a thrift on a Saturday at high noon. I don't think they'd just taken it out either, it was just dumb luck no one else saw it. Then, this past week I visited a thrift I almost always pass by and found the black lotus pot (haha, black lotus - inside joke). No lid, but it's a harder to find color. And anyhow, these are going right into the Cathrinehoard. I need to take an update pic one of these days - we've added a few more lotus pieces, though finally have gotten rid of all the stripes. The hutch is getting a little crowded, humble brag...

Happy thrifting!