Hi everyone. Skipped last week's post, so playing catchup here. We've definitely entered the doldrums stage for sales, usually lasts up until late summer. So I've been trying to switch over to "inventory accumulation mode" - it's something I'd planned to do from last year. Easier said than done. The thrift stores and estate sales have not been as kind lately, in fact it was extra brutal this week. Maybe I need to take another look at picking online.

Most of these finds are from a few weeks to a few months back:

I've been passing a lot of Descoware lately for three reasons: It's heavy and tough to ship, it's often damaged, and thrift stores have caught on so prices are high. This autumn leaves pattern stock pot was an exception, because it wasn't damaged and was cheap. Went rather quickly to a new home.

5 Rosenthal "Conference" Raymond Loewy design bread plates - SOLD

Love the great mid century bird pattern on these Rosenthal "Conference" plates designed by Raymond Loewy. I wanted to keep them, but we have too many different patterns and makers. Seems to be an uncommon design.

Japanese Ikebana basket vase with reed handle - SOLD

I came across a bunch of different Japanese ceramic pieces at an estate awhile back. This orange planter basket is interesting because it has a reed handle. Glaze looks like some Toyo pieces we've found before. I think these items are known as "hanakago" baskets, but are usually all bamboo.

At the same estate, we picked up this nice small yunomi tea bowl. Great looking studio piece that's marked on the bottom with "H. Ogawa". Still trying to figure out if it might be by Hiroshi Ogawa, but I don't believe he signed in English. Ogawa is a pretty common name. Looks similar to some forms that he's done though.

Fred Press fish design large glass serving tray - SOLD

I found this large Fred Press fish tray last week. Sort of unusual serving piece - we usually see the glasses in this pattern. Already gone to a new home.

I thought it was funny that the week I mentioned our Bitossi bowl being used on Mad Men, I found the same shape bowl, but in a really interesting yellow and gray glaze color. This one also had the original Raymor stamp on the back.

If you do a search for "Hammarplast bowl", I think our site is the 2nd item that comes up. We've had them in yellow and green, but this is the first time we've found a red one. Bread makers seem to like these bowls.

Peculiar Danish "E.J. Design" metal candle holders - at least I think they're candle holders. The lady at the estate said she thought they might be for incense. Our friends Bit of Butter have them too, but like us haven't been able to figure out who the "E.J." refers to.

These Russian wooden nesting dolls are always fun to have in the shop. Earlier we'd sold some that Linda actually owned in the 80s. I think these are probably late 1980s to early 90s.

I was a little surprised this Jaru elephant went so quickly. We've been selling Jaru pieces for a really long time, sort of before they became popular with design folks and collectors. But we always have mixed luck with them, it really depends on the type of piece and just having it listed at the right time.

Lastly - hey look it's the pseudo Curtis Jere owl wall decoration again! I think this one is identical to the one we sold earlier. I sure wish it were a real C. Jere enamel owl sculpture, which brings in the big bucks - but it still had enough value to bring home from the flea market. We still haven't found out what the story is on these. They are made of some sort of clear resin covering colored foil, mounted on metal. Likely a copy, but still definitely vintage and older. I'm curious who made them, so if you happen to know please drop us a line.

Happy Mother's Day and happy thrifting!