Hi everyone. Got a little sidetracked due to the Mad Men / Game of Thrones watchfest, so I didn't get to write up the usual post until today. I guess that's going to happen every Sunday now?? We also hit up the Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena for the first time in quite a while. Found a few things, but those will have to wait until next week. Here are some of the latest finds:

There was an estate I hit up one morning that was a bit of a "digger". I happened to go early this time, but they also happened to have opened BEFORE the stated time! So the Zooline monkey I'd seen in preview pics was gone, but there was still a lot of stuff left. The guy's wife had collected cats, and we unearthed a few gems like this Waechtersbach "Grumpy Cat" pitcher. They made a few different items with this pattern, which I think is 1960s or so. I also grabbed a David Stewart small kitty vase, but that's going in the collection.

The best find was this Rorstrand Sweden "Terra Cat" by Bertil Vallien. He's known more for his glassware, so it was a bit of a surprise to find his ceramics. Interestingly, I found another Vallien piece at the Rose Bowl - but that one was glass. More on that later.

At another estate, I picked up this Dansk Kobenstyle red pot. We used to find Kobenstyle in the thrift-wild all the time, at reasonable prices, but it's pretty rare to see any worth picking up nowadays. The only exception is when they make a mistake on the color rarity, so that there's still some meat left on the bone for us.

I got very excited when I first saw this art deco style globe planter (or sugar bowl?) because I thought it might be a Vernon Kilns moon piece by Jane Bennison. It turned out not to be, but I still think it's an older piece - the thick yellow glaze reminds me a whole lot of Padre, but so far haven't been able to put an ID on it.

I know there are some really avid radio collectors out there, so I paid a higher price at a thrift for this one. It turned out to be a rarer model, and it's already gone to a new home. I'd thought about keeping it at first, but couldn't justify it even though it was really cool

I was stunned to see this Festivaal tray behind the counter of a pretty dumpy thrift. The reason became apparent after I asked them to bring it out so I could take a look. It had some condition issues, but I know it's pretty common for the line and that they're sought after regardless. I actually passed on it and went to look at other things in the store. But it nagged at me, and after some mobile conversation with Bit of Butter I went back for it.

Fred W. avaiation pop art style 1960s lithograph print - Inquire if interested

Lastly, picked up this great looking print out of an estate of a guy who collected avaiation material. It's got sort of a pop art look to it, and I really liked the colors and the design. The sig seemed fairly readable (at first) - Fred Killam(?) - but so far haven't been able to find out anything about it. The title is "Wings of Yesterday", and it's numbered 1/10. If anyone happens to know anything about it, please let me know. I'm also fairly certain it's 1960s, or at latest 1970s - because the label on the back is from a framing store that existed in that time frame.

Happy thrifting!

  1. The Recycleista Says:

    love that cat mug! is it not textured like Waechtersbach usually is?

  2. A La Modern Says:

    @recycleista – it’s not textured which is interesting – I hadn’t come across the pattern in the wild before,so was surprised. Curious about the pattern as it’s a really cool one!

  3. laura Says:

    wow most of the Waechtersbach things I’ve come across are textured–I love it!