Hi everyone. Decided to stop blogging about so many of those small, inexpensive items that we find. (You know, the ones that get the most attention but cost so much time to prep for selling?) It'll make this go quicker - as I have to pack stuff for our antique booth right now. Have still been thinking about certain developments regarding our booth in general, but more on that much, much later.

I almost decided to pass on this very nice Rainbow teak tray from Sweden, because it had a little ding on the edge. But as I mentioned with Dala horses, it's very hard to pass over Scandinavian pieces for me. So I got it, "15 inch diameter and difficult to store" notwithstanding...

More Swedish stuff - yay Scandinavia! These candlesticks were faintly marked on the bottom, but I would've got them even if they weren't marked. They came out of the CLSA (Crappiest Little Salvation Army) near us, which was a surprise.

I posted a pic of this creamer to try get a handle on it but it already has one... But seriously, anyone familiar with the pattern? Could be Japan, I'm just hoping it's not newer so the Etsy police don't descend on me..

Great looking Arabia stoneware vase, in the "Maya" line by Annikki Hovisaari. Thanks to Jonas for help ID-ing the line, although this one was marked "Maya" on bottom I didn't know the maker. I really wanted to keep this one, but there's too much stoneware in the house.

This Finella Gourmet enamel pot designed by Seppo Mallat for Finel has an interesting yellow/black pattern. Almost seems to go with Arabia Faenza Yellow dinnerware. I left an all-white Seppo Mallat covered casserole behind, because it had too many doorbells on it. Ding, ding!

This beautiful teak (I think) ice bucket still has me stumped still. It's very well made, and the knob on top is a little different than most buckets we see. The closest thing the knob looks like to is some of the Laurids Lonborg ice buckets, though I know the composition of those is much different. Anyone familiar with it?

We decided to try sell this large glass top wooden coffee table that was being used in our antique booth, since we got some replacement shelves. It is much too large to fit in our house, but can see it working out in someone else's. Late 60s to early 70s look to it - if you happen to live close to us and need one, let us know and we can work with you on the price.

"In case you hadn't heard - the 70s are back Baby!" ... said a person about 20 years too late. I think we're already starting to get up to the late 1980s/early 1990s revival, but this Ron Brejtfus textile art piece sold pretty fast for us. So maybe I'm wrong and we're going backwards in time. At that rate, we should get back to Mad Men in about 2025?

Lastly, picked up this amazing Panos Valsamakis tile composition a few weeks back. I can never remember or spell his name, but he's a pretty well-known midcentury Greek artist. Thanks again to MidModMom for help on the ID, I'd decided at the store to get it even though I was second guessing myself on it.

Happy thrifting!