Hi everyone. I have too much running in my mind right now regarding vintage selling. Eh. It'll just take to long to explain, so I'm just going to get to our latest finds:

I think this is the 3rd or 4th time we've come across this treasury of myths book. I wish we'd come across a copy of Dinner for Two with the Harper illustrations instead, but hey can't argue with fast sales!

I have a great weakness for picking up vintage paper ephemera at estate sales. In general, it's hard to make a fortune off of this kind of stuff, but these napkins were really cool. It also keeps me occupied when all the high-end midcentury "dealers" have scooped up all the good stuff, pbbbbt..

Speaking of dealers scooping up stuff, no one scooped up these Schmid Tackett cup and saucers at a recent estate I hit up. I'm guessing they thought there wasn't enough margin in it for them. Suckers!

I have a near fatal attraction to Dala horses, it seems. They've done "OK" for us, but it's not the holidays. So I'm figuring maybe it'll will sit for 4-some months in the shop until it expires, after which I'll put it in the "for Xmas" inventory box for listing next November. I have big plans for this box every year it seems...

This Swedish bird candleholder originally had an identical friend, but he was left behind in the bush due to damage. I tried that joke on the thrift clerk, a vacant stare was my reward.

Something something Socrates something... never mind, already sold.

I know this one is newer, but I still had a hard time passing it up. The green stamped ones and odd size/shape older ones do better. I didn't put it on Etsy, lest I be accused of selling something from Crate and Barrel - true story, yo.

Surprised to find this Bauer pitcher at a thrift, marked clearly on bottom. Also surprised it's a "beater pitcher" - like for whipping up pancakes in the morning? Now I want pancakes..

This little fellow is a Zoo-line piece, but unfortunately I think he's missing the rest of his body which was a little office tray connected to the head by a dowel.

Found another one of these kettles, and it was another quick sale. It had some wear, but a lot of it came off with Bar Keeper's Friend and magic eraser. Yeah science.

Kitchen scales haven't done that well for us, but they sure look cool. This Terraillon was designed by Marco Zanuso in the 1960s. Or so The Google has told me.

Lastly, a cool cast iron multi candle holder thingy - made in the style of Dansk, but it comes from Wales. Not that Wales, but a "Wales" company in Japan. I think these often had ceramic inserts in the design, and I haven't seen others that were on a pedestal like ours.

Well then... happy thrifting!

  1. Bea - Mid Mod Mom Says:

    Lots of cute fellows in this week’s finds! and quick sellers as well! I passed on a terraillon scale a while back because I thought it was missing a piece, like a lid that serves as well to contain what it is being measured. ? I have no idea.

  2. A La Modern Says:

    @bea – You know,i was wondering the same. I did see it on the MoMA site without the cover, so I was guessing maybe it was sold both ways. It was like a clear plastic cover on other sites. I’ve passed on these before too, but that was b/c of too much damage.

  3. BeckyKay Says:

    I can’t skip the ephemera either! I’ve had a set of Bozo the Clown birthday napkins for ages that won’t sell, but I don’t regret buying them!

    That kitchen scale is very cool. Of course, it’s red, so that automatically makes it better in my world! :)

  4. Jenny Says:

    The last estate sale I went to I picked up about 6 packages of napkins. What are we thinking?! Cuteness, for sure…but, I also scored a Dinner for Two at that sale that the dealers missed. We’re smarter and nicer than those guys. Love the cups, the mixing bowl and the book! Beautiful, crisp photos as usual.

  5. caroline Says:

    Funny I can’t for the life of me find a dala horse. Also love that candle holder. You seem to find a lot of treasures, do you go to thrift shops more or estate sales?

  6. Aniko Says:

    that zoo line stapler is just something else. how cool!
    dala horses are so nice, i wish i found one but they seem to be somehow rare over here, i never see one in the ‘thrifts’.

  7. laura Says:

    oh my goodness. I love the horses too–seriously have to step away from them–your photos are great what do you shoot with??

  8. A La Modern Says:

    @beckykay , @jenny – thanks! I used to buy a whole lot more stuff like napkins, bookmarks, envelopes, cards at estates, but have definitely cut it down

    @caroline – I prefer thrift shops personally, but the estates can provide a lot of goodies in one space. The problem is they are ultra competitive (i.e. sleeping in car overnight, fighting in line and, grabbygrab in the house). They’re extremely competitive in our areas, so it’s tough.

    @aniko – For awhile, I was just passing them b/c we had so many – but we sold a bunch during the holidays, so I’m back to looking.

    @laura – Embarrased – we used to use a DSLR, but recently switched to iPhone only. It requires taking the pics into photoshop etc, so a little more time. But if we have good light, in morning, don’t need to mess around as much!