Hi everyone. Quite a few thrift stores visited, with only a smattering of goodies found. I'm not letting it get me too down yet, as January is usually bad for consistent thrifting. Here's what we found:

This German "fat lava" red cylinder vase was a nice find after a long day of fruitless searching. I think it's a Fohr Keramik piece as the number matches others we've seen. Ours has a little less of the crazy bubbling in the glaze that some of the other pieces we've seen exhibit.

The flea market has similarly been a bit dry for us. I have this feeling that I need to (further) expand into other areas when at the flea market in order to pick stuff to sell. It's nice to walk through them, though, especially right now when the weather isn't as hot. This unusual JIE Sweden bighorn sheep was the only thing I found last weekend. I usually see the dogs or the flower girl bud vases from JIE.

I've passed probably 3 or 4 of these Dorothy Thorpe chip dip sets previously, because they had too much damage or pieces missing. So I had to pick this one up since it was complete - it even has the lucite plastic holder instead of a metal one. These don't seem to command the same respect that the roly polys do, unfortunately, which is another reason I usually hesitate on buying them.

Lastly, it truly made my day to find this smaller blue striped Cathrineholm bowl to go with our larger one. I almost didn't visit this particular thrift. It was the last one on the route, and I'd found absolutely nothing through six stores. I'm so glad I dropped by, and it's a good reminder not to give up.

Happy thrifting!