Hi everyone. We've had some decent finds over the past couple weeks, but I just didn't feel like posting. I feel like I've been in a sort of thrifting/estate sale/flea market bleahhrg rut lately. Basically, here's the issue: 1: We can find stuff to sell, but it takes a crazy amount of effort in our area. And 2: I have a hard time separating the components of this "job" from normal life.

OK. I just wrote a long-ass post about these two issues, and then deleted it. Because I realized it doesn't matter and its just cluttering up the blog. I need to remember to set a timer whenever I start a post, so that I don't spend a stupid amount of time on it. And yes, I'm fricking salty about this lately.

These Georges Briard canisters were a fun find, and they've already gone to a new home.

Interesting taller Toyo vase with leaf design found the other day, the ridges on the side almost give it an art deco look.

Arabia Finland plate with a ship design, one of the few things found at the flea market a few weeks ago.

This Alfredo Barbini glass paperweight from Italy was a super lucky find at a thrift in an area that I usually avoid because it's so overpicked. I almost missed the signature on the side.

It's a real shame these older Winfield Pottery pieces don't sell that well. It's handcrafted California pottery from the 1930s for god's sake...

An Art Vannes owl bowl from France, first time I've come across these.. I think this comapny basically turned into Sevres, though I haven't really read up on the history.

Villeroy and Boch plates in the Acapulco pattern - only the second time I've found these. Sell all the things...

Really cool Toyo metal vase, with a sort of marbelized color scheme going on. I think my Grandma actually had one of these vases, though it didn't have such a nice look to it, so it got donated at some point.

Bauer vase that went under the radar at today's lone estate sale. It didn't have a price tag so I thought it'd be a million dollars - but I was pleasantly surprised.

Man, the timer just rang - OK, the rest will be talked about later.

Don't let me stop you, go have some happy thrifting!