Hi everyone. Need to make a quick post today, as we're trying to get the antique booth ready for the upcoming Pomona Collectors Street Faire. Traffic to the antique malls increases dramatically, so we want to make sure we've got interesting things up in the booth. If you happen to be in the area, drop by - we're on the ground floor in Space #5 at the Pomona Antique Mart.

This Osamu Saito watercolor painting was from last week - we actually found two of them, but the other one has already been sold. Saito is a well regarded water color painter who teaches classes in Southern California usually, but also does the same up in Yosemite occasionally.

I nabbed this colorful Francoise Gicot print at a thrift that had received a large amount of paintings and prints from an estate - the funny thing is that I'd actually been to that estate sale a month or so back. I don't remember seeing it there, but I might've missed it. I know it's the same one, because I also grabbed this:

It's an interesting "palette knife" floral painting, that I remember admiring at the estate. It showed up at the thrift, so I knew it had to be the same estate. This one is already hanging on the wall at our place - provides some nice contrast with the more modern stuff. Hmm.. we've really got a flower thing going with artwork so far:

Kinda strange, since it was unintentional. All of these are from thrifts or estates.

It's still a shocker to come across jadeite every so often. From a Goodwill, no less - they usually send all the "good" stuff to their auctions and whatnot, at least in our area. #complainaboutsocallednonprofitthrifts

Picked up this great looking stoneware studio vase with incised decoration last week. I thought it might be Scandinavian, but now am pretty sure it's Japanese as it seems to have a Hiragana character mark on bottom.

Funny story with this orange Braun KSM-1. I'd just gotten through talking to Jordan from Swing Modern about the KSM he'd found. These don't seem to turn up too often (at least in our area) and since I'd already found one in white awhile back, I figured I wouldn't see one for awhile. But the very next day, this one was waiting for me at the thrift store! Great how that synchronicity / karma thing works...

Lastly, I came across this amazing Curtis Jere style "birds in flight" metal sculpture at an estate sale that I wasn't even planning to go to. They had a ton of other metal sculpture, none of it that I was familiar with. Thinking back, I probably should've picked up more pieces, but I was in a rush at the time. I don't think this is by Curtis Jere and I've searched and searched for a sig with no luck. However, I actually like this one a whole lot better than some of the other Jere bird sculptures. In fact, I'm considering keeping it now #famouslastwords.

That's all - happy thrifting!