Hi everyone. After having little to no sales on Black Friday, the holiday shopping season heated up a bit for us. We've seen this in general over the past two years. It's an interesting phenomenon - basically people tend not to concentrate on vintage on Thanksgiving weekend as much. They're buying electronics and newer things, trying to get the most out of the crazy sales that brick and mortar retailers and online merchants are having. But a little closer to Christmas, you get more people looking for "that special vintage gift".

In any case, it's time to pack orders today - but we'll run through a few thrifting finds first:

This is the second Lasisepat Finland cactus vase I've come across. Still haven't seen a definitive ID on it, or maybe I've just missed it while looking. Some people say it might be from Ravenhead instead.

I have to admit I'm not the biggest fan of the Henning Norway troll carvings, so I hadn't picked up any ever. This one was the right price, so it came home for the shop.

At last week's flea market, there was someone selling a bunch of Dorothy Thorpe silver and crystal pieces. I ended up negotiating for the whole thing. I hadn't seen this elongated tray before.

I've had the small bowl from the chip and dip before, but not the actual chip plate.

There were two of these square trays, but I only listed one as the other seems to have quite a bit of wear. Difficult to tell sometimes what's wear on these pieces, due to how they're produced.

I picked up this Heath Ceramics standard white 4-notch ashtray at a nearby thrift store that has really gone down the tubes in terms of vintage goodies. We used to find amazing things there and I used to visit 2-3 times a week, but somehow they lost their mojo. Not sure what happened, but hoping that this Heath is the start of a turnaround for them.

I think this is the 5th time we've come across this Jaru form before, and I don't believe I've ever found one with a sticker. There are at least 2 other forms of vases related to this one, but this one is the one we continually seem to find.

This set of Russian nesting dolls is already on its way to a new home. They were actually Linda's, from the late 80s.

Lastly, I think we posted about finding this Cathrineholm fondue previously - but we finally decided to list it up. The reason is, we have another identical one like it - and we didn't want to be accused of hoarding all the CH ;)

That's it for this roundup - happy thrifting!