So, I'm still throwing around ideas for what the A La Modern blog should focus on. In the meantime, I decided to continue doing short "thrift roundups" every so often. While they do take time, I realized that in addition to possibly driving readership they have the side benefit of strengthening the internal structure of our website. Remember, this blog has been rebuilt from scratch so all the little helpful goodies like categories, tags, top posts, archives don't really exist. (You will laugh but I'm writing this in notepad, and later editing it online in vi!)

Anyhow, I'll be focusing the thrifting posts around items that we're featuring on the main site, as opposed to our Etsy and Ebay stores. We do want people to buy things on our other venues, but I'm hoping to use blog posts to set up interior site links which will help mitigate the lack of things like built-in "tag" pages.

Inuit Soapstone Bird Carving

I picked up this interesting Asaina Adamee stone bird carving at a thrift store last month. It was fully signed, but I haven't found much info about the creator - fairly certain it's a modern Inuit soapstone carving. Interesting, the last name "Adamee" shows up as "Adamie" on some sites - was wondering if that was a family name or something. I'm not too familiar with Native American art and crafts, so will have to keep researching.

Bitossi Seta Blue Gold Compote

It might seem like we've been finding a lot of Bitossi pieces lately, but to be honest it's more that we've gotten used to paying for them. Loved this Bitossi Seta compote so I just had to get it - unusual color scheme on it with gold and light blue. This one might become a keeper if no one takes it soon (hey, it's like $500 on "Dibs").

David Cressey Style Lamp

In addition to thrifts and antiques, we often attempt to pick items online - with VERY mixed results. I came across an auction while I was waiting in the dentist's office, and got all excited because I thought it might be David Cressey. It wasn't that cheap and I probably should've waited and researched at home. So, it turns out that it's probably a lamp in the style of David Cressey. Still a nice piece, and if you look around online you'll see some people have sold it as David Cressey. I personally don't think it is - the top portion is actually glazed and not bisque stoneware (the clay itself is actually white as well). But from the cord and top fixture it does appear vintage at least. Well - you win some...

Bitossi Horse Brown Orange Spots

Last up is this great looking Bitossi Horse with an unusual color combination and decor on side. You might remember we also found a Bitossi ball vase with the same colorway. I've still got several Bitossi items left in the queue to list up.

I think three years ago I would've passed on most of these Bitossi pieces either because I thought the price was too high to get for resale, or because I didn't even know what they were. I'm a slow learner, but it's been making a difference now that we're focusing on bringing home higher quality items while accepting the need to pay a little bit more for inventory.

All right, so there's the first round up for this year - if you've found something interesting, please leave a comment below. Yes, comments finally work! We also have an RSS feed (first few lines summary only right now) if you use a reader. I don't know how many other people still do thrift roundups, but I'm also interested in exchanging links with other thrifting and design blogs - that is, as long as you're still writing posts.