Hi everyone. Taking a bit of a breather from the usual Thrift Roundup grind for this post. A few months back, we had the good fortune of coming across a mid-century hutch with glass sliding doors for a great price at an estate. We had been searching for one for use near the entryway for our house, but everything we liked was very expensive, or the size was just too wide. I think this hutch was much cheaper because it was missing the bottom attached cabinet, and plus I don't believe it's a big name or anything. Solid 60s-70s construction, though.

So, I lugged it home and it sat in our garage for awhile while we figured out what to do with it. We'd been interested in trying to convert some furniture using hair pin legs for awhile, and finally decided to experiment with this piece. We ended up finding a semi-local craftsman on Etsy to make some custom hair pin legs at a decent price. I think it turned out reasonably well - it looks much better when filled with goodies!

We have christened this piece of furniture: The Franken-hutch. I actually had to add some shims on the bottom of the hutch, so that there was footing to bolt the legs onto the bottom. Was a bit worried that you'd see it, but it's not visible at all unless you look on the bottom. We're also missing one of the knobs on the large bottom drawer - still considering whether to switch them all out or try and find a single replacement knob.

Overall, we're very pleased with it - we actually weren't 100% sure how it'd look before putting it together. I know there are purists out there who would naysay combining older furniture with hairpin legs like this. Eh. We fall somewhat in the middle - like, I wouldn't spray paint a known designer's furniture bright green and pink and use it in a nursery room. But if we rescue unknown 60s-70s furniture like this, we've got no problems going utilitarian and just making it work.

Happy thrifting!