Bitossi Fascie Colorate Vase

A fantastic modern ceramic Bitossi for Rosenthal Netter spherical blue striped vase. This line for Bitossi was known as "Fascie Colorate", or Colored Stripes. Black, blue and green stripes near top of this bulbous vase - have seen them in various different colorways, another common one is purple, red, black, blue. Aldo Londi seems to be stated as the designer on most websites, and the approximate date is given as early 1970s, but have not confirmed that. There are several other Bitossi shapes with this type of decor that we've sen. Would make a wonderful statement in a mid century modern setting or as a part of a collection of Italian ceramics. Marked on bottom with original Rosenthal Netter sticker with a number of 96/12, some ballpoint pen writing on top of that with the number 4.

In good vintage condition, with no cracks or chips. A bit of scuffing to the foot of piece. Bubbles in glaze here and there. A few small pinprick nicks but could be part of bubbling from manufacturing - see last photo for example.

Measures about 7 1/2" tall, 1 3/4" wide at mouth, 7 1/2" widest