3 Bitossi Bird Bowls

Nice set of three (3) Bitossi ceramic bird bowls from Italy. Great looking, hand finished glaze colors - orange, blue/green and brown/green on these pieces with impressed texture design on tail and around body. We've seen these called Bitossi, or in the style of Bitossi, and there are some very similar ones which are said to be made in the 1950s for an import company called "Goodfriend". To date, have not seen any definite proof that they are from this company - it is interesting that the numbers of a lot of these supposed Goodfriend pieces start with a "95". Two of our bird dishes are marked "Italy 95/162" on the bottom, the other has no markings. Would be interested if anyone knows for sure who made these - in any case they'd go well with any Italian or mid century modern ceramics.

In good vintage condition with no major cracks or chips. Some crazing here and there, pops to glaze and some glaze misses/imperfections. The bowls have a few nicks and a bit of wear mostly to rim, beak area, and tail. One bowls has more glaze loss on beak mouth area. See last photo for an example of that. Overall, these are in good vintage shape and would still display well.

Each measures about 8 3/4 inches long, 4 inches tall, 5 inches wide