Bruce Freund Glass Bowl

Absolutely fantastic pink with purple striping studio art glass wavy bowl, by Arizona glass artist Bruce Freund. Iridescent pink color with purple/blue striped design throughout. Going toward the rim of the bowl, the glass gets purposely rough and a bit rippled - would say it starts about 2-3 inches away from rim. This would be a great centerpiece for your table. Mounted on a cylinder base, pontil on bottom. Fully signed on bottom with "Freund 84".

In good vintage condition with no cracks. Light scratches and scuffs here and there. This is hand made glass, so there are inconsistencies in the glass itself as well as inclusions - see the 2nd to last photo for an example of some of the inclusions. There is what appears to be a small nick and flake on the rim - see the last photo. Because of the overall roughness of the edge, it's difficult to tell if this was done when the bowl was shaped and finished. My guess is that it was after, because the striping does not go through the flake - but in any case it is not very noticeable because of the roughness of the rippled edge. I'd say the flake is about 1/4" wide.

Measures about 14 1/2" widest, 7" tallest. This is a very large piece, so the box size will need to be very large. We may try to double-box it as well, so the weight may be a bit more.