Brutalist Metal Horse Sculpture

Fantastic brutalist metal horse sculpture, modeled after the Gansu Flying or Galloping Horse sculpture from the Eastern Han Dynasty. This is a very interesting, folded metal figure that is hollow on the interior, and mounted on a wood base. The inscribed name is Calvin Campbell, but we haven't been able to figure out anything about the artist, nor the time period, although we feel like it could be 1970s-80s.

We are not experts in metalwork, but it seems a pretty decent replica of the famous horse. It's also interesting that the flying bird that the horse is normally depicted as stepping on has been transformed (perhaps Westernized) in this version to be a wood branch. We feel this piece would look nice displayed in a mid century modern setting - it seems more unique to us than some of the other replicas of the Gansu Horse that are being sold.

In good vintage condition, with no damage. Some scuffing to the wood base, some light wear here and there. There are some metal bits rattling on the interior, from manufacturing. Some light wear to the metal here and there - the metal appears to be folded and then carved down with a metal-working tool.

Measures about 10 inches tallest, 11 inches long, 2 1/2 inches widest.