Curtis Jere Metal Quartz Sculpture

Fabulous Curtis Jere (C. Jere) metal seagull birds on anchor sculpture, attached to a large quartz rock. Funny looking birds are welded to the anchor, which is attached to rock with a metal rod drilled into the rock (not removable as far as I can tell). This is the well known company started by Curtis Freiler and Jerry Fels which made a variety of sculptures like this in the 1960s-70s. Highly prized today by collectors of midcentury modern objects. It was hard to find the Jere mark, because a lot of the green patina has been obscurred, but believe it is still partially there on the bottom of the anchor - see the last photo. Anyhow, we've seen a few of these exact pieces with marks, and also a few of these that had stickers - it's definitely a Jere piece.

In good condition, with some significant rusting and loss of the green patina. Rock has a bit of wear, hard to tell with these natural quartz type of rocks which areas may have chipped or not, but overall still solid. Cork feet on bottom. Displays well still - the rusting actually looks quite good on the piece. Price reduced a bit nevertheless.

Measures about 8 1/2" tallest to top of bird. Rock piece is about 8" by 5" wide and 3" tall. Very heavy - will be over 10 pounds when boxed.