Jaru White Sculpture Figures

Fantastic set of two Jaru Art Products California ceramic nude figures. One figure is in a classic "thinker" pose, and the other is in a stretching pose - almost like they are doing a yoga position. We've seen these particular ones a few times in different colors, these are plain white glaze. These date to the early 1980s, have seen some with a 1981 stamp on bottom. Believe that there are usually impressed Jaru marks near the bottom, but on these the glaze obscures it, though there is some evidence on the bottom of the stretching figure. Definitely Jaru, however - as we've often mentioned, Jaru pieces commonly had green felt on bottom and price stickers.

In good vintage condition, with no damage, cracks or chips. A few light scratches here and there. The Jaru impression marks are obscurred by the glaze or have been carved off during finishing.

Thinker measures about 9" tall, 10" long, 8 1/2" wide. Yoga figure measures about 6" tall, 11" long, 6 1/2" widest.