Lucite Polygon Sculpture

A fabulous lucite / acrylic polygon paperweight sculpture, in the style of the Vasa Mihich pieces. While it is very similar in shape, basically a cube with the corners cut at an angle, we don't believe this is a Vasa piece as it is signed with a different name. It is very interesting in construction, as the red and orange alternating layers are flat planes of some material inserted into the clear lucite as opposed to solid color bands. This gives it more of complex striped appearance when looking at the polygon from the sides. Would be a great addition to a collection of lucite objects like this.

Signed on one face of the cube with what looks like "R. Punnels" or "R. Lunnals". Would be interested if anyone happens to know who made it. Unknown era, but feels like would be 1970s or so.

In good vintage condition, with no cracks or chips. Quite a few scratches and nics, a few scuffs, some wear marks and bubbling where the lucite layers are joined

Measures about 2 1/2" tall, 2 3/4" by 2 3/4".