McCarty Pottery Dove Casserole

A wonderful large lidded casserole from the historical and storied McCarty Pottery of Merigold, Mississippi, featuring a large winged dove on the top of the lid. Believe this glaze treatment is known as nutmeg, with a lighter gray-white background and darker brown nutmeg glaze accents throughout. Both the base and lid have incised lines radiating from the center. The wings of the dove are curved underneath to provide and easy grasping area for lifting the lid. Have not seen too many of this particular bird casserole - would be a great display piece for the holidays. This is a very large casserole at about 10 1/4 inches wide - believe that to be largest size that they made. Do not know the age of the piece, could be more contemporary. As the lid and base are hand-crafted, they do not match up exactly for a tight seal and you need to rotate the lid to find a place where it will sit flat. Clearly marked on the bottom with the stylized "McCarty" signature, along with some numbers written in pencil (possibly the vintage price).

In good vintage condition with no chips, cracks or damage. A few small black marks here and there, some manufacturing divots, glaze drips and marks - all consistent with these hand finished items. Overall a very clean piece.

Measures about 9 inches tall to the top of dove wing, base itself measure 4 inches tall at rim, and about 10 1/4 inches wide.