Noel Osheroff Figurine

A very interesting Noel Osheroff dancing boy sculpture on wooden block base. Great looking expressive sculpture of a boy with hands on hips in the midst of dancing. Normally see the Osheroff pottery pieces which were produced for Robert Maxwell ceramics, but this one is made of a composite resin/sand material. Subtle blue paint or resin glaze for the pants and shirt, reddish collar and black for the hair. Unsure if these resin ones pre-date the pottery production or if was concurrent. According to the Robert Maxwell Ceramics eBook by Jack Chipman - Osheroff and Maxwell met through David Cressey, and this later led to Maxwell producing Osheroff's sculptures in ceramic. This one has a saying printed on the wood base reading "Joy is the melody of God's love within us". Have not determined if that part was added by a 3rd party production. Unmarked as far as can tell on the sculpture.

In good vintage condition, with no cracks or chips. Some light dust and dirt, light wear to wood base. Pops and holes in the composite material.

Measures about 10" tall, 3 1/2" by 3 1/2" wide at wood base.

PRICE: $350.00