Peter Shire Candlesticks

A fabulous rare set of post modernist pop art ceramic candlesticks by Peter Shire in 2003. A founding member of the Memphis Group, these candleholders are from his Echo Park EXP pottery which was begun in 1972. Two different studio pottery architectural tower shapes in striking black and white glaze. These are scarce, have only seen candle holders like this a few times online. Marked on the bottom with EXP 03.

Good vintage condition, with no cracks or chips. Some crazing throughout. There are a few small nicks or fleabites in the receptacles, but not very noticeable (see last photo). Some candle wax inside, I removed most of it.

Measures about 7 1/4" tall, 3 1/8" wide bottom, 2" wide top. The receptacle is about 1".

PRICE: $800.00