Riihimaki Nanny Still Bottle

Lovely Riihimaki Riihimaen Finland amethyst purple "Pullo" 12 3/4" tall glass bottle designed by Nanny Still. This elegant yet simple shape has a thinner neck and a small pouring spout like a bird's beak. These pieces came in several different colors and sizes. Incised on bottom with Riihimaen Lasi Oy Nanny Still

In good vintage condition, with no cracks or chips. There is a manufacturing bubble on the side of the neck near the spout - see the last photo above the logo. A few light marks on surface, some natural lines and swirls in glass. Some debris or deposits on interior, mostly near the top right where the shoulders are.

Measures about 12 3/4" tallest, base 2 1/4" wide, 1" wide at top