Weller Ansonia Vase

Fantastic looking Weller art pottery wavy pillow vase, in what we believe is an Ansonia glaze treatment. A wonderful mottled or curdled green textured glaze resembling alligator skin is on top of flat black glaze, with orange dripped on here and there. Unsure the form, but most of these we've seen have had the Velvetone (?) treatment instead. There's a large orange circular blob of glaze right in the middle of side, unsure if that is an intentional thing or not. Marked on bottom, difficult to read but believe it says "Weller Ware Handmade".

Sorry, we do not have any of the Weller books - so are going only from what we've seen online. But we think it's the Ansonia treatment - the color shown in the first two photos is a bit too bright and orangey, it's a little more subdued than that.

In good condition with no cracks or damage. Some glaze over chips to rim, some flaking of the glaze on rim but believe this may be part of manufacturing.. I think this may've been partially fired up side down, leading to pull-off on the rim. Front large orange glaze circular blob has some nicking where the glaze flaked off. Some water deposits to interior from use. Some metal marks here and there. See all the photos, please.

Measures about 9 1/2" tallest, 10 1/4" by 5" wide.